Welcome to Hung Fung Industries Company Limited

Hung Fung established in 1979, offering the highest level of quality and service in polyester tube dyeing. Our offices and manufacturing located in Hong Kong.

With over 30 computerize dyeing machine, over 1000 precision winding machine, we provide 200 metric ton of product each month.

With the industrial standard X-rite Color matching system, we guarantee our product match your needs.


憑著三十年的經驗,我們精於滌綸紗筒子染色,亦可代染各種滌綸繩帶。我們設有超過30部電腦控制、不同容量染機;超過 1000綻精確式翻紗機,每月產量超過 200公噸。

為著產品能達到最高的品質及監控,我們的生產及管理均在香港進行:化驗及樣品部採用先進的X-rite Color i7分光光度儀及Color iMatch 專業配色軟件,大大提高樣品精確度及效率;所有產品都會經過定期的抽查,送交國際認可的化驗所作各種化學檢測,確保弘豐出品的貨品能達到各國嚴格的環保要求。